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Name Description Application
Stripping agent This product is a mixture of a variety of natural raw materials, non-ionic, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly. can soften the dryer coating, help the paper to wrinkle, extend the life of the scraper and improve the feel of the paper. Usually, use it together with the sticking agent and the improver series, the spray equipment directly sprays on the surface of the dryer, or can be directly added to the pulp or sprayed on the felt.
Rheological agent This product is a polyether modified long-chain alkyl grafted macromolecular derivatives, it is a new type of special surfactant. Rheological agent has low surface tension properties and is suitable for aqueous coating system applications. It has excellent mutual solubility with polymer film-forming materials.
Coating lubricant This product is a water-soluble polyoxyethylene wax organic lubricant, with low viscosity and outstanding lubricity. It can be used in latex coatings to improve the performance of coatings and improve the performance of paper coatings.
water repellent agent This product is a polyamide polyurea polymer oligomer (PAPU) water repellent agent, which can be widely used in coating formulations of various coated papers. Can greatly improve the wet adhesion strength, wet abrasion resistance and ink absorption performance of paper.
Acrylic associative thickener Anionic hydrophobically modified associative thickener can be used as the preferred thickener or synergistic thickener for waterborne coatings. Very effective in improving the viscosity of the medium shear (KrebStormer). with obvious thickening effect.