About Us

About Us

Company Profile

In 2015, Amazon chemicals (UK) Ltd was established in Tianjin with the founder’s passion to provide efficient procurement of auxiliaries for clients in Paper Making & Water Treatment industries.

With more than 10 years working experience in paper making industry, our staffs are devoted to providing superior customer service and the best possible products to our clients. Distribution in Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador and more to come.

Enterprise Development

Amazon Chemicals can continue to expand enterprise's strength rely on rising ability of research, gradually increasing the market competitiveness of enterprises through production and market operations.

Uniquely creating innovative capabilities, scientifically developing corporate concepts, advanced technological devices, perfect testing techniques and strict Quality assurance system laid a solid foundation for product quality.

Vision & Mission

Vision: being a leader in the chosen field of chemicals, adding value to our customers, our partners and our employees.

Mission: meeting with our customer’s expectations, providing them optimal solutions with all the challenges