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Name/Model Description Application
Surface Sizing Agent Surface Sizing Agent can be used on both size press and roller type machines, to improve the water repellency of the paper surface by forming a thin layer on the surface of the paper. It can replace the internal sizing and improve the water resistance,ring pressure strength and surface strength index, Increase productivity indirectly.Compared with other sizing, it has extremely excellent price/performance ratio.
SSA can significantly improve the water resistance and ring crush strength of corrugated board packaging paper, no maturation period,can be used with the original starch, has little dependence on aluminum sulfate, and has excellent Mechanical stability.
Wet strength agent Wet strength agent is water-soluble, cationic, thermosetting resin. The product is light yellow viscous liquid with a wide range of application PH, non-toxic characteristics, the treated paper can be used for food packaging, fruit bagging, medical, wet strength effect on paper is particularly obvious, while dry strength can also be improved 20 %,  WSA can improve the water-storage and paper-making speed of pulp, and improve the retention of fillers, compounds and microfibers.
WSA is suitable for all kinds of papers with wet strength.It can also be used as a retention aid for lotion rosin gum and fortified rosin gum, as a synergist for neutral sizing agents, and as a cationic starch modifier to improve sheet size stability.
Dry Strength Agent DSA is fully ionized PH range, it can be adsorbed directly onto pulp fibers, ionic bonds formed by the anion and cation fibers hydroxyl groups on the amide group to form hydrogen bonds with a large number of fibers, so as to effectively improve the dry strength of paper It can effectively increase the physical indicators of various strengths by more than 10%. At the same time, it can improve the retention of fine fibers and the water permeability of paper sheets.
DSA can increase the bonding point between fibers and improve various strength indexes of paper, reduce paper breakage and cracks in the follow-up process. It can improve paper sizing efficiency by increasing the drainage and retention of the paper stock
Cationic Etherifying Agent The appearance of CTA is transparent water liquid, colorless and odorless, and the impurity content is low, less than 10PPM. The product quality is stable due to continuous production process,The reaction efficiency is high, more than 80%.
CTA is widely used in paper industry, textile industry and water treatment industry. It is mainly used as a liquid cationic etherifying agent and is widely used in the modification of cellulose.