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Name Description Application
AKD wax AKD wax can be divided into 1840, 1865 and 1895 grade, which is kind of slight yellow bead, AKD used for papermaking sizing must be made into AKD emulsion. As the most commonly used reactive neutral papermaking sizing agent, AKD is mainly used for internal sizing of copper plate base paper, copy paper, archival paper, high quality writing paper and corrugated paper.
AKD emulsifier AKD emulsifier can be divided into starch emulsifier and high polymer emulsifier. AKD high polymer emulsifier is a kind of polymer emulsifier, mainly used for emulsifying AKD wax to produce AKD emulsion, ensure AKD granularity is controlled below 1μm, protecting sizing retention and increase efficiency.
AKD dispersant AKD Dispersant N is light yellow powder, an anion surface active agent, with excellent diffusive and protective colloid performance, easily soluble in water, acid, alkali and hard water, with good dispersing property and affinity with protein and polyamide. Dispersant AKD wax for producing AKD emulsion in paper industry, also can used in Printing and dyeing industry, Building materials industry, Rubber industry etc.
AKD stabilizer AKD stabilizer, can also be called Zirconium oxychloride(zrocl2.8h2o), is white needle crystals, soluble in water, methanol, ethanol, ether, insoluble in other organic solvents, slightly soluble in hydrochloric acid, aqueous solution is acidic. Zirconium oxychloride is the main raw material for the production of other zirconium products. It is widely used in paper, textile, leather, rubber additives, metal surfaces, agents, coating desiccants, waterproofing agents,etc.
AKD curing agent AKD curing agent is a strong cationic polyelectrolyte with a colorless to light yellow viscous liquid appearance.It is safe, non-toxic, soluble in water, non-inflammable, cohesive, stable hydrolysis, non-gel, insensitive to pH changes, and resistant to chlorine.  AKD curing agent can solve the problem of AKD curing delay of different papers making and different sizing conditions. Added into AKD emulsion as a promoter to short the AKD sizing time, as a strong cationic protector for AKD emulsion with high solid.
AKD emulsion AKD emulsion is a kind of cationic highly efficient sizing agent, solid content 15-30%, it can be used by the kinds of machines, such as SIZE PRESS and GATE ROLL. The sizing effect can be obtained by the thin layer formed on the surface of paper, it can also enhance the strength of paper, prolong the durability of paper. AKD emulsion is widely used in sizing process of writing paper, offset paper, corrugated board paper, electrostatic copy paper, copperplate paper etc.